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Guest journey

Keep your guests in the picture, step by step.

Before arrival

After the reservation

SMS & Email

Engage your guests with a welcome SMS and email with offers they can use before they even arrive.

Guest web

Lead guests to a page with smart catalogue of your services and all useful information they need.

Useful info

Let your guests find every piece of information they need on their mobile phone or computer.

Smart catalogue

Let your guests find what they desire and order it by one click on their mobile phone or a computer.

Digital Check-in

Cut the waiting at the reception with easy check-in. Allow guests to fill everything online: comfortably and in advance.

Contactless payment

Enable your guest to pay online, even before the check-in. Or any other time you’ll choose.

Mobile E-Key

No need to rush guests to the reception – enable them to open the room all by themselves by a simple click.

Super Light Kiosk

Let your guests check in with their mobile devices and offer them to pick up the keycard at your Super Light Kiosk.

During stay

offers of activities and services

WiFi Landing Page

Show a selection of your best offers right after the guests connect to your WiFi.

Nearby points

Navigate your guests to the most popular places around your property with adjustable map with pins.

Automated messages

Connect with your guests automatically with messages, offering happy hours, spa, late checkout, or whatever you choose to.

Tours & Activities

Display third party offers in a Smart Catalogue and boost your profit.

Super Light Kiosk

Guest lost their card or it stopped working? No problem! S/he can issue a spare one at the Super Light Kiosk.

Hotel Service Orders

Provide services easily with customizable catalogue content.

WhatsApp and Messenger

Answer your guests’ questions immediately by allowing them to chat with the reception.

Online Checkout

Let your guest check their final bill, pay it online, and even issue an invoice.

Super Light Kiosk

Guests can get their check-out note and return the key at the Super Light Kiosk.

Goodbye SMS / email

Show some love to your guests even after their checkout, with automated messages allowing you to send them a questionnaire, loyalty programme info, discount for their next booking or even just a simple thank you note.

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